Who qualifies for this Free For Life Membership?​

  • Active Members of:
    • ​Honolulu Police Department

    • Honolulu Fire Department

    • Emergency Medical Services / Emergency Medical Technicians

    • Honolulu Sheriffs Department

    • City & County of Honolulu Lifeguards

How to Get Started:


Step 1: Sign-up for our LEO/FR 10-Day Free Trial Online and start training!


Step 2: Once your 10-Day Free Trail has completed and you would

like to continue your jiu-jitsu training, please see one of our staff

members at the front desk and they can enroll you into one of our

Free For Life (FFL) Memberships at the kiosk!



There are two different membership options you need to be aware of

once you complete your trial and choose to enroll

Free For Life Program ($0/month)


  • Absolutely no cost to you

  • You get the first 3 lessons on (GU) for free

  • You can train as much as you want in our Gracie Combatives (GC) program (as well as our Women Empowered (WE) program if you are a female)



  • Unable to test out of the GC or WE programs and receive your official GC Belt or WE Pink Belt

  • Can only train in Gracie Combatives (or Women Empowered if a female)


Free For Life Program w/ GU ($25/month)


  • Able to test out of Combatives and receive your Combatives Belt

  • You get full access to your curriculum of study on (GC/WE)

  • You don’t pay the regular student membership of $120/month



  • $25 GU Fee (plus annual student insurance fee of $25)


Other Info:​

  • Free For Life (FFL) training ONLY applies to the Law Enforcement Officer/First Responder (LEO/FR) in the Gracie Combatives or Women Empowered programs

  • FFL membership will remain valid as long as the LEO/FR attends AT LEAST ONE (1) class a week.

  • FFL only applies to the LEO/FR. If the LEO/FR has other family members that want to sign-up in one of our programs, they will receive a 20% discount.

  • If the LEO/FR successfully tests out of the program, receives their Combatives Belt and wants to continue training in the Master Cycle, regular membership costs apply.

  • If the LEO/FR  wants to “test out” of the Combatives program, the LEO/FR is responsible for the testing fee which is currently $155 (subject to change) and set by GU. We do not control this testing fee.

  • The LEO/FR can switch from the basic FFL Membership to the paid FFL w/GU Membership at any time and vice versa however, this will have an impact on the students “clock” on GU. Basically, without the GU fee we are unable to authorize the student as an “active student” on GU, so their clock is either stopped or continually moving forward depending on the status. To “test out” of the program, the student must be an active student for a minimum of 8 months. So this “clock” is vital if the student plans to, or eventually wants to, test out.

  • LEO/FR is responsible to provide their own Gi/Belt (uniform) and it must be WHITE. We sell them at the front desk, or you can purchase one form another source.​​

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